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80,00$ per metric ton

Wood pellets from Ukraine. Quick and quality. Full service if you need. 

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Place of manufacture: Ukraine. Price: EXW

Calory J: 4775 , Moisture  7% , ash 0.5% 

Diametr: 8mm

Loading time: 200 metric tons per month

Wood Pellets is very friendly fuel with an ash content, not more than 1%. In the production of pellets are mainly used sawmill waste and agriculture, which were previously mainly landfilled and rot, and after a few years began to burn or smolder. Pellets not contain dust and spores, granules are less susceptible to self-ignition and do not cause allergic reactions in humans. Pure green energy from Ukraine with love. 

One of the varieties of ecologically clean biofuels is wood pellets. At first they were made in the USA, later became widespread in Europe. In future the innovative technologies have been applied on the territories of East European countries. Wood pellets are made from agricultural waste, as well as wood waste. They are manufactured by compression of this waste by using of high pressure. Do not include any additional chemicals for breeding, which are harmful to the environment. They are very economic in use in comparison with other fuels. They produce several times as much heat with a smaller amount of combustible material. Wood pellets have high functional qualities; they can be stored for a long time without the risk of getting wet and rot.

The price of wood pellets in Ukraine varies from the lowest till the highest. It depends on producer and quality of pellets. However, we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to buy the high quality pellets at the best price. In the case of ordering of wholesale party, the customers get discounts and additional benefits in future. We work with local and foreign markets. We are also engaged in exporting of large quantities of goods, as well as to retailers.