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Pini kay briquettes


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68,00$ per metric ton

Pini-kay briquettes from Ukraine. 

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Pini kay  - Euro quality briquettes

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Origin: Ukraine, Ash content 0.66%, Moisture 2.5%, Sulfur 0.02%, Packaging: Pallets

Key Benefits:

1) profitable then wood;

2) friendly, there are no unpleasant odors and harmful emissions during combustion;

3) easy to store;

4) Heat is several times higher among the best wood and briquettes;  

5) High humidity.

Briquettes are made on the presses. By combining high-pressure and the external heat treatment. Briquettes have a polyhedron shape with a hole inside, outside covered with a dark crust due to the burning surface. Pini Kay have the best performance for the duration of combustion and heat of combustion of all types of fuel briquettes. Resistant to mechanical stress and humidity.

Pini kay briquettes belong to the category of ecologically clean fuel that meets all the standards of production. It is an excellent alternative to other combustible materials. Pini kay briquettes are made only from hardwood. It has high index to burning and copes with all the functional features, which should have a high-quality material for heating. Pini kay briquettes are small logs of various shapes: quadrangular, hexagonal, octagonal or in the form of a cylinder. They have no core, which is the main difference between them from other products.

Pini kay briquettes are made by compressing of dry sawdust in the small screw press and fired to increase their functional qualities. With this processing method it may be stored for long periods without getting wet, which is important for the storage for a long time. Owing to firing, pini kay briquettes do not rot and infest insects damaging their integrity. They do not shoot sparks, smoke and contain chemicals. It is a high quality biofuel that is completely decomposed in the soil and does not pollute it with the harmful elements.