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Shelled walnuts packing 10 kg


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55,00$ per 10kg box

EXW price (Ukraine). EXW price (Cologne - Germany) + 40 Euro. Packaging: cartoon box

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Walnut is an effective source of minerals and vitamins for the human body. Its benefit has proved long time ago by many scientists and researchers. Nutritionists believe that eating of nuts normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract and nourishes the human body with all the necessary minerals. Only shelled walnuts are used in the food, despite of the fact that all the parts of walnut possess useful properties and contain nutrients.

Ukrainian farmers are often engaged in the cultivation and sale of walnut, because it is quite unpretentious and profitable crop. For the successful cultivation it requires a large amount of sunlight as walnut loves heat. It is important to maintain sufficient amount of a distance for good fertility and proper growth of leafy crown.

In our online store you can buy shelled walnut packed in packages of 10 kilograms. We are responsible for the quality of the delivered goods and always try to meet halfway for our customers. We work only with reliable farmers who are engaged in cultivation of this product for many years.