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Shelled walnuts packing 5kg


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35,00$ per 5kg

EXW price Ukraine. EXW price Germany (Cologne) + 20 Euro. Packaging: zip plastic bag. 

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Shelled walnuts are excellent food, as well as raw material for processing into oil, herbal teas and tinctures. It is not possible to overemphasize the benefits of nuts for humans. This also applies to its derivatives. Moreover, shells and leaves of walnut are used in the production too - all these depend on the purpose of the user. Walnut is very hardy and can tolerate even sudden changes in temperature and strong short-term frosts. Due to this, many farmers engaged in the cultivation and supply shelled walnuts to the inland and foreign markets.

Today walnut is a very profitable crop. It is also very beneficial in the wholesale and export trade. We are engaged in the purchase of high-quality goods from the leading Ukrainian farmers. The products, which we export to foreign customers, are carefully selected for the quality measure before packaging. You can buy shelled walnuts in a package of 5 kg. Ordering a delivery from us, you will be pleasantly surprised by the speed of delivery without delay. Also, we are proud of the ratio of the price and quality, as well as the presence of discounts for our regular customers.