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The crude walnut packing 50kg


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65,00$ per 50kg

EXW price Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk). EXW price Germany (Cologne) + 150 Euro. Package: strong bag. Can be package under your trade mark (brand)

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The crude walnut is one of the leading crops, which is grown for the wholesale and retail trade. For the Ukrainian farmers walnut is very beneficial, as it is not too fastidious and very hardy at any weather changes. This also applies to the sudden cooling when the air temperature falls down rapidly. Trees and fruits of walnut are very endure with any weather changes. However, for the cultivation of high-quality harvest, walnuts should become a sufficient amount of sunlight and heat to ensure the completeness and juiciness of the fruit. Since the Ukrainian climate favors the cultivation of nuts, the results of crop meet all the criteria of the quality.

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