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The crude walnut packing 5 kg


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9,00$ per 5kg

EXW price Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk). EXW Germany + 20 euro. Packsge: plastic zip bag. We can produce under your TM (brand). 

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The crude walnut is a cost-effective and profitable crop for the wholesale and retail trade. Ukrainian soil and weather conditions are favorable for well-growing of this type of crop. Walnut trees are very enduring with heat and freezing, and thrive in a large amount of precipitation. Crude walnuts also have a high level of portability, which allows carrying on the farthest distance freely, not caring that they will be prone to damage. They can also be stored for a long time and without worrying about the intact of walnut kernel.

Ordering the party of crude walnut packaged in 5 kg package, you can be confident in the quality of this product. Our products have high performance, compared to competing organizations. We have a well-established system of purchases and deliveries of crude walnuts from leading Ukrainian farmers who are engaged in cultivation of different sorts of walnuts for export to international markets.