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Honey - is a sweet, viscous liquid that is produced by the bees from the nectar of flowers and honeydew. Floral honey is often called “the meadow”, while in this case the bees gather nectar from a variety of meadow flowers. This type of honey the bees gather from flowers of various crops. If bees gather nectar from more than a half of one type of flower plants, it is called unifloral. It is less widespread as multi-floral honey, which is made up of nectar of different flowers. The beneficial properties of honey are well-known for many centuries by all the generations of scientists and physicians. Its curative effect on the work of the human body is difficult to underestimate. Depending on the type of plant, floral honey has different color tones and taste characteristics. However, it does not effect on its beneficial properties and does not reduce its importance in medicine and nutrition.

You can buy floral honey in a package of 50 kg. We provide floral honey exports to the European and Asian countries. The leading Ukrainian producers conducted a careful selection of produced honey, as it is the key to the successful implementation and further cooperation with buyers. Floral honey in our online store has the highest quality at affordable prices.