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Honey is a source of health and healing minerals. It is very useful in the treatment of many diseases and as an immunopotentiator for the organism. Scientists have determined that each kind of honey has its own differences in chemical composition; it contains more or less of certain medicinal and antimicrobial properties. Modern technology of the production of honey allows regulating of many processes in the behavior of the bees to get the maximum effect from their pollination. Based on the study of reflex behavior of bees, beekeepers learned to send them flying easily in a field with the desired plants. It allows to supply the increasing the number of floral honey to inland and foreign markets.

The successful development of international trade and the expansion of inland Ukrainian market will increase the demand for domestic goods. We are engaged in the export of floral honey in a package of 100 kg for the wholesale and retail prices. Here you can find an excellent value for the quality of honey and affordable cost. We are responsible for the quality of supplied goods and do our best to accommodate the wishes of customers. With positive feedback and successful experience with many European customers, we created the image of a leading provider of floral honey for foreign markets.