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Linden honey is one of the most valuable varieties of honey. It has a light yellow or light amber color with a wonderful aroma and rich flavor. It is a product derived from the nectar of flowers of linden trees, which is gathered and processed by bees. After that, the treated by the bees nectar deposited in the wax cells, where it matures and gains its beneficial properties. Natural honey contains in its composition three quarters of fructose and glucose, one quarter of the total water. Also, don’t forget about the content of nutrients, minerals, amino acids and tannins. In addition, linden honey crystallizes and thickens three months after pumping. If this process does not occur, this honey isn’t real.

Here you can order a real unifloral linden honey. We supply to the inland market the varieties of honey, where linden takes a leading position. We also export various packaging of linden honey to the European markets. Here you can buy high-quality honey at the most favorable prices. And the speed of delivery will not keep waiting for a long time - we do the delivery of goods at the exactly specified time.