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Buckwheat honey has a spicy, slightly tart taste and bright flavor that distinguishes it from other sorts. This product is for an amateur, but its composition and useful properties make it very popular in many countries. Because of bitterness, which is inherent in this type of honey, it cannot be very tasty for everyone, but it doesn’t diminish its curative effect. Collecting of nectar from the flowers of buckwheat, bees make honey, which retains all the beneficial properties of this honey plant. Buckwheat honey has a dark brown color during pumping, but with time it crystallizes and brightens.

Ukrainian beekeepers produce annually large amounts of honey for inland markets. However, in European countries, buckwheat honey is not so widespread, that’s why Ukraine is a leading exporter of this product to the international markets. We are engaged in the supply of buckwheat honey to European customers and we are proud of the quality of our products. Here you can find only the real honey, without fakes. Also, our regular customers have the advantage in the future orders. We always try to do our best for our customers.