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Honey - is not only a drug, but also a natural and delicious food. If any honey, assembled by the bees, has useful properties, the palatability of the product may differ. This mainly concerns to the mixed honey. All depends on the species and on the flowers from which this nectar was gathered. Mixed honey is a product of life of the bees from various plants. It could be gathered from the forest, meadow, steppe and mountain plants. Mixed honey has a very unusual taste, but, nevertheless, it also retains its useful properties. The color of the resulting honey depends on its fact, too.

In our online store you can buy mixed honey in any package - from small to large jars and bottles. We work only with reliable Ukrainian beekeepers, who are engaged in the production and delivery of honey for inland and foreign markets. Ukrainian varieties of honey are very popular in many foreign countries. Therefore, we are engaged in export of honey to the European markets. Our motto is: quality and reasonable price. The positive feedback from our customers, that we have established, has made an impeccable reputation in many markets.