LLC "Global-Agro Group" exclusive representative and distributor of TM "ParadoX" produced by LLC “Agroinnovatsii” is oriented on solving of a number of agricultural problems:

- ecologic - livestock and poultry waste utilization and production on its basis an organic dry (water- soluble) all-purpose fertilizer «ParadoX»; and - agrocultural - preservation and restoring of the fertile layer of soil by means of reviving organic farming culture, improving the productivity and quality of the grown product. Organic fertilizer «ParadoX» is produced on the basis of hen brood by means of certain technologies which give way to acquiring the product of high quality with high content of protein, macro and micronutrients,complete absence of pathogenic bacteria, particles of seeds and seed-containing plant components, namely tall grass. The end product is environmentally friendly organic fertilizer containing no less than: nitrogen – 8%, phosphorus – 2%, potassium – 2%; microelements – calcium, magnesium, boron, iron, copper, sulfur, and others; humus content – 40-60%, humic acids content – 5,11%, fulvic acid content – 5,46%. Production technology – 4 objects of intellectual property and 1 object of know-how is attested by corresponding patents, awarded a diploma of national competition “Vyshcka Proba” and repeatedly awarded in international exhibitions and competitions.













CERTIFICATE Series AB №360913 (1_480_045310-25) Limited liability Company “AGRONOVACIYI” Certificate of conformance Dry, water-soluble organic fertilizer PARADOX TS-U 24.1-34958107-001:2008 TS-U 20.1-36627405-002:2015 According to trial protocol of the of National scientific center “Institute of soil science and agro chemistry named after O.N. Sokolovskyi ” № 1-04/1351 from 15.12.2015 and № 1-04/31 from 14.01.2016 the manufactured goods – multipurpose organic fertilizer “Parado X” - conforms to technical standards and main criteria of the conclusion of the State sanitary and epidemiological expertise of the Ministry of Health from 23.03.2010