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Biofuel is a fuel made from biological raw materials obtained, as a rule, as a result of processing of the stems of sugar cane or rapeseed, corn, soy. Different liquid biofuels for internal combustion engines, for example, bioethanol, biomethanol, biodiesel), solid bio-fuels (briquettes, pellets) and gaseous (biogas, hydrogen).The story of the emergence of liquid biofuels and basic discoveries

The rapid development of science and technology demanded from the humanity of the invention high-quality fuel that properly would ensure operation of the emerging mechanisms. Thus, ironically, the original seemed more promising it is biofuels, which is used by many famous inventors and Industrialists of the era, and only the low oil prices pushed him into the shadows.
The history of liquid biofuels has its origins in the nineteenth century.

Nowadays, the relevance of biofuels is recognized by all and every year there are more new variants of its receipt.
Among the main types of biofuels for internal combustion engines distinguish between these types: ethanol, methanol and biodiesel. Let's dwell on each of these types of...

Bioethanol is ethanol derived in the processing of vegetable raw materials for use as biofuel. World production of bioethanol at the moment was 39.4 billion litres, of which 45 % were in Brazil and 44.7% in the US. Ethanol in Brazil is produced mainly from sugar cane, and in the USA from corn.
Corn is the raw material for ethanol production
Corn is the raw material for ethanol production.
Raw materials for bioethanol production
As mentioned above, currently the majority of ethanol is produced from corn (USA) and sugar cane (in Brazil). Raw material for the production of bioethanol can also be of different crops with a high content of starch or sugar, the most relevant ones are: cassava, potato, sugar beet, sweet potato, sorghum, barley.
Among the promising raw material for ethanol production in large quantities it is possible to allocate cellulose. Production of ethanol from cellulose is currently not economically viable, but there are constant scientific research and experiments. Also it can be various waste from agriculture and forestry: wheat straw, rice straw, sugar cane, wood chips, etc.
Sugar cane is the raw material for ethanol production
Sugar cane is the raw material for ethanol production.
The technology for producing bioethanol
The most common and simple way to produce ethanol is alcoholic fermentation of organic products. As a result of fermentation solution containing 15% ethanol. This low percentage is that in more concentrated solutions of yeast and bacteria are killed.
The production of alcohol from biological raw materials
Modern technology for producing ethanol from food raw material comprising the following steps:
1. Preparation and grinding of starchy raw materials;
2. Fermentation: currently enzymatic digestion of starch to alcohol using yeast left. For these purposes, use of recombinant preparations of alpha-amylase derived bioengineered by - glucoamylase, aminocoumarin.
3. Distillation: is on the accelerating columns (used to reduce the total time of fermentation).
Plant for the production of ethanol in West Burlington
Plant for the production of ethanol in West Burlington, Iowa.
Hydrolysis production
On an industrial scale ethanol is produced from raw materials containing cellulose (wood, straw), which hydrolyze (carry out a chemical reaction of the solute with water molecules). Formed when the mixture of pentoses and hexos subjected to alcoholic fermentation.

Hardwood oak charcoal differs in high rates of quality; it is an effective type of fuel. It is used as alternative fuel at the enterprises, and also in life and for other purposes. It differs in the long term of burning. Hardwood oak charcoal doesn't smoke, doesn't crack, doesn't contain chemical additives, doesn't allocate a caustic smell during the burning. It doesn't contain chemicals thereby it treats to the category of ecologically clean fuel. And hardwoods give the chance for storage of coal without violation of its properties for a long time. It doesn't pollute environment as all microcells containing in it decay very quickly in the soil and serve as additional compost and fertilizer for all types of a crop. Lack of chemicals in the content of charcoal gives it a number of advantages for other types of coal. Production of charcoal practices in the territory of Ukraine for a long time. For this reason the manufacture of our producers differs in high-tech properties. We work with foreign and native clients, carrying out delivery of goods in the shortest possible time at the most favorable price. By the purchasing of wholesale parties of charcoal our constant clients receive a discount for goods.


Oak firewood is ecologically clean fuel from hardwood. They are a very valuable resource, that’s why they are also in great demand in the markets. They belong to the class of firewood, elite among other types. They are used in manufacture as alternative fuel. The oak possesses a set of properties which allow taking of a leading place in the market. Oak firewood contains high heat conductivity and doesn't allocate unpleasant smells during the burning. Deviations, which remain after kindling of oak firewood, aren't toxic and quickly decay, being fine natural fertilizer for the soil. The oak is not also a subject to rotting thereby it can be stored for a long time without formation of damages. They are also economical in use. To receive enough heat from their burning, it is possible to use small parties of oak firewood.

Buying oak firewood from the leading suppliers of Ukraine, you will be able to be sure in its quality at the most favorable price. We are engaged in wholesale and retail on the territory of Ukraine, and also on the markets of Europe, Asia and the neighboring countries. Our regular customers and foreign partners willingly cooperate with us throughout a long time.

We are a manufacturer of sunflower oil in Ukraine.

Our advantages:

1. We work with all buyers very small even. We are ready to send one bottle to the other end of the world even. It is very convenient for shop owners and trading floors.

2. The good range of bottles and cans. All markets are very national, despite globalization. For example: in China a bottle of 4L is very popular, in the US it is usually 2L, in the Arab countries 1.8L

3. Choice of oil. We produce not only refined. Also a large selection of oils with other indicators of quality and composition.

4. Private label. If the customer wants to take the oil with his label. Here are two options: a) the client sends out the finished layout of the logo, b) our designer develops a label design

5. Visit to factory. We conduct an excursion to the factory for our customers. Of course, this applies to serious people only.

6. Quality standards. Ukrainian sunflower oil is the best in the world. But we know how to preserve the useful qualities of oil for special markets. Today the world trend is on healthy foods and we try to embody the idea of ​​healthy nutrition in the production of oil.

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