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Shelled walnuts bulk (mixed)

3 500,00$

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3 500,00$ per metric ton

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MOQ 10 m/t. EX-WORKS price per metric ton. Samples available.

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Shelled walnuts in bulk (wholesale) 

Vintage 2014

Packaging: box of 10 kg

Condition: butterfly and mix

Shelled walnuts are finished goods that can be used for further purposes. Purchases are made with big and small batches from Ukrainian farmers. Then walnuts are processed automatically. Walnuts are three grades: the highest, the first and second. Depending on the variety, walnuts have different coloration of the core (light or dark) and vary in size. Modern technologies allow processing of large amounts of crops quickly and efficiently. Our plants are used high level machinery for deeper and better elaboration. Walnut kernels keep in unbroken condition after the processing.
Ordering wholesale party walnuts with us, you can be confident in the quality and speed of delivery. Here you can buy popular sorts of walnuts. We are engaged in the sale and export abroad for the wholesale buyers in bulk and for retail sale in fewer quantity. For regular customers there is a constant-organized delivery system by the pre-registration applications. We also offer the most competitive prices for our product among the competitors. We are proud of the quality of our products and we are always sympathetic to the wishes of customers.

We are a manufacturer of sunflower oil in Ukraine.

Our advantages:

1. We work with all buyers very small even. We are ready to send one bottle to the other end of the world even. It is very convenient for shop owners and trading floors.

2. The good range of bottles and cans. All markets are very national, despite globalization. For example: in China a bottle of 4L is very popular, in the US it is usually 2L, in the Arab countries 1.8L

3. Choice of oil. We produce not only refined. Also a large selection of oils with other indicators of quality and composition.

4. Private label. If the customer wants to take the oil with his label. Here are two options: a) the client sends out the finished layout of the logo, b) our designer develops a label design

5. Visit to factory. We conduct an excursion to the factory for our customers. Of course, this applies to serious people only.

6. Quality standards. Ukrainian sunflower oil is the best in the world. But we know how to preserve the useful qualities of oil for special markets. Today the world trend is on healthy foods and we try to embody the idea of ​​healthy nutrition in the production of oil.