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Cold pressed extra virgin pure sunflower oil 1mt


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855,00$ per metric ton

High Quality sunflower oil from Ukraine. FOB price (per metric ton)

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Best guality Extra Virgin Sunflover Oil

Below shortly about advantages:

Our company manufactures sunflower oil using pressing method. Before pressing we clearify seeds from mechanic and seed impurities. After that we get rid of peel. We use cold method. So seeds are pressed without thermal pre-treatment on extruder presses (this kind of presses cannot function with roasted seeds). After preparation the oil settles and is filtered through a vacuum filter and subjected winterization.

We neither heat seeds nor hydrate it! We produce oil using above method provided that we have an application from the customer. The price for such oil is higher due to the low percentage yield of oil from the seeds. Oil retains the natural taste, smell and has a light color. It fully preserves the phosphatides, sterols, tocopherols and other useful components. It features a pleasant taste and smell, but it becomes bitter and cloudy if stored for a long time.

We are a manufacturer of sunflower oil in Ukraine.

Our advantages:

1. We work with all buyers very small even. We are ready to send one bottle to the other end of the world even. It is very convenient for shop owners and trading floors.

2. The good range of bottles and cans. All markets are very national, despite globalization. For example: in China a bottle of 4L is very popular, in the US it is usually 2L, in the Arab countries 1.8L

3. Choice of oil. We produce not only refined. Also a large selection of oils with other indicators of quality and composition.

4. Private label. If the customer wants to take the oil with his label. Here are two options: a) the client sends out the finished layout of the logo, b) our designer develops a label design

5. Visit to factory. We conduct an excursion to the factory for our customers. Of course, this applies to serious people only.

6. Quality standards. Ukrainian sunflower oil is the best in the world. But we know how to preserve the useful qualities of oil for special markets. Today the world trend is on healthy foods and we try to embody the idea of ​​healthy nutrition in the production of oil.

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