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Sunflower refined oil 1 litre


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FCA price. Refened sunflower seed oil from Ukrainian manufacturer

Sunflower oil refined deodorized frozen

1L bottle. Your Private label

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Quality refined sunflower seed oil from Ukraine 1 L (920g)

(Hot pressed, without chemical extraction)

  • We guarantee high quality of our oils. We control the entire production cycle
  • We have state certificates. Also we can make religious certification 
  • Private label includes in the price 
  • Winterized 



Gross weight PET: 0.95kg

Packing, pieces of PET bottles in a box: 15

Gross weight Cartons: 14.58kg

Number of boxes on the pallet: 45 pcs

Pallet weight gross: 676.1kg



Sunflower oil production stages:

a) Sunflower cultivation. Sunflower - one of the most important and the most common crops in Ukraine

b) Spin (production), sunflower oil. Cooking oil obtained from sunflower seeds with 2 ways: by extraction or spin (pressing). Spin oil - more eco-friendly way. Although the yield of oil, of course, smaller

c) Refining of crude sunflower oil. Refining involves several stages. We show our customers as it occurs

d) Bottling. Labeling. Packaging.



PACKING: 1L (920g)
Ingredients: Sunflower oil

Free fatty acids, FFA %: max 0.1
(oleic acid)
Peroxide value (meq/kg): 0.5 - at filing stage
2.5 – from filling stage until the beginning of 90-day period prior to the expiry date
5.0 – during 90-day period prior to the expiry date

Iodine value (wijs): 120 - 136
Saponification value: 188 - 194
Colour (5 ¼ cell): 1.2 Red
Moisture: < 0.04
Purity: 100 % Refined Sunflower Oil
Specific gravity at 20º C: 0.919 – 0.925
Unsaponifiable matter: 1 % max
Phosphore (ppm): < 5

Butter flavoring: 0.2 mg /kg

Analysis Value Sunflower Refined
Myristic: C14:0 < 0.5
Palmitic: C16:0 3-10
Paimitoleic: C16:1 < 1
Stearic: C18:0 1-10
Oleic: C18:1 45
Linoleic: C18:2 55
Linolenic: C18:3 < 0.7
Archidic: C20:0 < 1.0

Analysis Value Sunflower Refined
Iron content (Fe): ppm 1.5 max
Copper content (Cu): ppm 0.1 max
Lead content (Fb): ppm 0.1 max
Arsenic content (As): ppm 0.1 max
Antioxidants: ND

PESTICIDE RESIDUES (detection limit < 0.05 – 0.005 ppm):
Analysis Value Sunflower Refined
Organophosphorus: ppm ND
Organochlorine: ppm ND
Organonitrogen: ppm ND
Pyretrtoide: ppm ND

No pathogenic microorganisms

Taste and odor: Special characteristic of its own
Appearance: Special characteristic of its own
(clear at 20º C)
Impurity: NIL

The packaging material has to be suitable for human food.

Shelf life: On the label
Storage conditions: Dry place, without any unpleasant odours.
Keep away from direct sun light.
Temperature: 20º C
Humidity: 60 %


Department of Quality Control

We are a manufacturer of sunflower oil in Ukraine.

Our advantages:

1. We work with all buyers very small even. We are ready to send one bottle to the other end of the world even. It is very convenient for shop owners and trading floors.

2. The good range of bottles and cans. All markets are very national, despite globalization. For example: in China a bottle of 4L is very popular, in the US it is usually 2L, in the Arab countries 1.8L

3. Choice of oil. We produce not only refined. Also a large selection of oils with other indicators of quality and composition.

4. Private label. If the customer wants to take the oil with his label. Here are two options: a) the client sends out the finished layout of the logo, b) our designer develops a label design

5. Visit to factory. We conduct an excursion to the factory for our customers. Of course, this applies to serious people only.

6. Quality standards. Ukrainian sunflower oil is the best in the world. But we know how to preserve the useful qualities of oil for special markets. Today the world trend is on healthy foods and we try to embody the idea of ​​healthy nutrition in the production of oil.

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