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    Ungeschälte Walnüsse (in der Masse)

    MOQ 10 metric ton. EX-WORKS price per ton. Samples available

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    Shelled walnuts bulk (mixed)

    MOQ 10 m/t. EX-WORKS price per metric ton. Samples available.

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    Shelled walnuts luxury

    MOQ 10 m.t. Luxury walnuts shelled. EX-WORKS price per M/T. SAMPLES are AVAILABLE. Packaging: cartoon boxes

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    Shelled walnuts packaging 50kg

    EXW price Ukraine. EXW price Cologne +150 Euro. Sample. Non brand packaging in cartoon boxes (5*10kg)

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    Shelled walnuts packing 10 kg

    EXW price (Ukraine). EXW price (Cologne - Germany) + 40 Euro. Packaging: cartoon box

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    Shelled walnuts packing 5kg

    EXW price Ukraine. EXW price Germany (Cologne) + 20 Euro. Packaging: zip plastic bag. 

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    The crude walnut packing 50kg

    EXW price Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk). EXW price Germany (Cologne) + 150 Euro. Package: strong bag. Can be package under your trade mark (brand)

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    The crude walnut packing 10 kg

    EXW price Ukraine (Dnepropetrosvk). EXW price Germany + 40 euro. 

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    The crude walnut packing 5 kg

    EXW price Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk). EXW Germany + 20 euro. Packsge: plastic zip bag. We can produce under your TM (brand). 

Shelled walnuts

Moisture - 4.4%

Proteins - 15.5%

Fat - 65%

Carbohydrates - 10.1%

Dietary fiber (cellulose) - 1.5%

Ash - 2.0%

100g of walnuts content:

Vitamins:             Vitamin A (beta-carotene) - 0.05 mg      Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 0.4 mg         Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 0.13 mg         Niacin (vitamin B3 or vitamin PP) - 1.0 mg              Folic acid (vitamin B9) - 77 mcg                Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - 3 mg               Vitamin E (tocopherol) - 23 mg

Macronutrients: Potassium - 665 mg Calcium - 120 mg Magnesium - 200 mg Sodium - 3 mg Phosphorus - 550 mg

Trace elements: Iron - 2.3 mg Manganese - 2.0 mg Copper - 0.5 mg Fluoride - 0.7 mg Zinc - 2.5 mg

Calories value: about 648 calories.

In our online store u can order wholesale walnuts in bulk for competive price. Only fresh walnuts. 


Walnut is one of the most profitable and payback crops for agricultural business. Ukrainian private distributors have considerable profit from sales of this sort of nuts and kernels. Modern technologies allow the development in this direction for the Ukrainian distributors. The correspondence to the definite size is a determining for buyers, especially in wholesale trade. The upgraded calibration device for walnuts allows the adapting of crops to the definite size. But still to a large extent is used manual labor for ingathering and processing of walnuts.
We are engaged in wholesale and retail of walnuts on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Asian and European countries. The presence of international quality certificates speak of the successful cooperation with our native and abroad partners, as well as a compliance with all union specific standards on the world level. We also export walnuts and kernels for many markets, as well as working with private buyers. You can also buy walnut seedlings at the best price. Price policy of our company is developed as a result of close monitoring of the market in this direction. High quality and personal approach to our clients are the keywords of our business.