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Sunflower husk pellets


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32,00$ durch metric ton

Sunflower husk pellets from Ukraine. Good price. Quick loading. MOQ 20 m.t. samples are available

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High quality pellets from sunflower husk for competive price

Calory: 17000, Diameter 8 , Moisture 10%, as content: 3% Shape: stick, Origin: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Package: Big Bag 1000kg

Delivery from Ukraine worldwide. We can pack up for you in any packaging and your brand.

One of the varieties of high quality biofuel are special pellets, like a small sawdust log. Sunflower husk pellets are produced by the processing of wastes from vegetable oil. They have the form of small cylindrical pellets with a diameter of 10 mm and 5 cm in length. These granules are produced by using of high temperatures from the husks of sunflower seeds. Sunflower husk pellets are an excellent substitute of any other type of fuel. They produce heat level flush with brown coal heat level. By its production does not add any chemicals and additives for higher viscosity. It makes sunflower husk pellets non-toxic, with a high level of thermal conductivity, with well smokeless combustion, without leaving of environmentally harmful waste. The ash after burning of sunflower husk pellets decomposes in the soil fully and acts as a natural fertilizer for the soil. They are ideal for solid fuel boilers with automatic feeding.

Local markets offer a large variety of sunflower husk pellets from Ukrainian producers. Our products occupy a leading position in Ukraine. Also we are engaged in supplying of products to foreign buyers. Our pellets are made with high quality technology without any cracks and deformations.