• Affilate program 

  •  Drop shipping

  •  Dealership

1.To participate in the affiliate program, you need to register on our website. Then, when buying your partner or friend should enter your email as well as a sponsor.
We offer a 3% commission on the order value. This fixed percentage, the same for low-margin products to higher margin so.
If you can earn more than 3% we recommend the deal to drop SHIPPING

2. In terms drop SHIPPING we ship worldwide at your price
Sending a client can on your behalf (this can be done by a brokerage firm or register a new company for you).
Your earnings depend on the price that the customer will pay, as the amount of the order

3. We invite dealers to maximize profits. We need partners in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. We offer a partnership agreement, samples, certificates for effective business

For the successful promotion of your own business you need to have a well-established system of sale. Much depends on the customer base and the successful trading in the past. Many wholesale delivers interact with foreign markets, where there are also a large number of interested buyers. The great importance for a wholesale is a competitive price. It is necessary to master in advance all the features of the markets of offering goods for working in the future with these products.

Our company has all the advantages for the successful trading. Pursuing the cooperation with us, you will get a large profit from the export of agricultural products abroad. You can also get a lot of advantages on the local Ukrainian markets due to the wholesale and retail sale of goods. Mutually beneficial co-operation with our regular customers can help to build your own contacts and ways to approach the buyers. We also provide contacts of our delivers of agricultural products, which have the high quality of goods due to the high-tech processing. We are always happy to help new customers and to establish mutually beneficial relationship for both parties, which are based on trust and business approach to trade. Make money with us and become great results and high-quality trading!